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About us

We are an economy survival server with a focus on fair gameplay. Difficulty is set to hard to ensure only the toughest or most resourceful of people can progress through the ranks of Theatria.

Social Media and ways to join the community: Discord <- Easiest way to communicate with the members of Theatria. Instagram TikTok

The Mission of Theatria

Theatria was created for two main reasons.

  • To create a stable server that people can safely build on for years to come.

  • To provide an economy that isn't tainted with p2w aspects.

Is Theatria for you?

Theatria is for anyone who wants a stable place to build with reliable server performance and uptime. It is for anyone who doesn't want to be subjected to money grabbing tactics found on many Minecraft servers. Theatria is a place where you can participate in an economy without being put at a disadvantage with wallet warriors. If these things sound good to you, then you are in the right place!

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