Land Claiming

Chunk claiming


To make a claim you will first stand in the area you would like to claim, then use /claim. Claims are done on a per chunk basis (16x16 blocks). You will need money to make a claim. There are several ways to make money as shows in the Economy section of this wiki. Chunk claiming is limited by ranks, to increase the amount you can claim all you need to do is rank up! Initial Chunk costs: $5000


  • /lands help - Lists commands that you can use and what they do

  • /lands accept - Accept invite

  • /lands create [land name] - Create land

  • /lands delete [land name] - Delete land

  • /lands deny [land name] - Deny invite

  • /lands invites - Show received invites

  • /lands leave [land name] - Leave a land or area

  • /lands list - List all lands

  • /lands map - View map

  • /lands menu

Some ranks come with the ability to create two separate land claims! To create your second land use: /lands create [name]

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