Claim Maintenance & Expiration Notice ⏳

1. Inactivity Rule ⌛

If your last seen (/seen) exceeds a period of 180 days, your land claims will expire. Your locks will also be eligible for removal upon ANYONES request.

Remember to stay active and log into the survival server once every 180 days!

2. Consequences of Expiration 🏚️

When your claims expire due to inactivity, other active players will have the opportunity to /claim your area. They will have free reign over your items and your once cherished space.

3. Lock Removals 🔓

Following the expiration of your claims, any locks within your old territories will be removed upon the request of new claimants. Your possessions could be theirs to use or distribute. Lock removals for banned players are a little different - for info click here

4. Retaining Your Claims 💼

Staying active is key! To keep your claims, you must remain an active player on the server. Don't forget to log in on the survival server at least once every 180 days.

Remember, your land claims are a reflection of your hard work and dedication in our server world. Keep them protected by staying active, and continue enjoying the game! 🎮

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