Ban Appeal Review Guidelines

Title: Ban Appeal Review Guidelines and Expectations

To ensure fairness, transparency, and consistency in Theatria's ban appeal process, the following guidelines and expectations have been established for staff members reviewing ban appeals:

  1. Objectivity: Approach each ban appeal with an open mind, setting aside personal biases or emotions. Focus on the facts and circumstances of the case, and base your decision on the information provided and the rules of the server.

  2. Confidentiality: Respect the privacy of players involved in ban appeals. Do not share or discuss the details of a ban appeal or personal information of the players outside the designated staff channels.

  3. Collaboration: Work together with other staff members, sharing perspectives and insights to reach a collective decision. Encourage open and honest communication while maintaining a respectful and professional demeanor.

  4. Consistency: Apply the same standards and expectations to all ban appeals, ensuring that all players are treated fairly and consistently, regardless of their status or history on the server.

  5. Documentation: Keep clear records of ban appeals and their outcomes, including the reasons for the decisions made. This will help maintain transparency and provide a basis for future ban appeal reviews.

  6. Timeliness: Review ban appeals in a timely manner, understanding that players are waiting for a decision. While it's essential to thoroughly review each appeal, make an effort to complete the process efficiently.

  7. Communication: Provide clear and concise feedback to players on the outcome of their ban appeal, including the reasons for the decision. Be respectful and professional in your communication, offering guidance and support as needed.

By adhering to these guidelines and expectations, staff members can ensure a fair, transparent, and consistent ban appeal process for all players on Theatria. This will help maintain a positive and inclusive community atmosphere, while also promoting trust and understanding between players and staff.

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