The Oracle's Blessing

Welcome to the Oracle's Blessings Wiki! Here, you'll find all the information you need to understand and complete the Oracle's Blessings challenges. By completing these challenges, the Oracle recognizes your hard work and sacrifices, blessing you with a permanent /sell hand boost.

The Oracle's Blessing:

When you use /sell hand and you have The Oracle's Blessing, you will receive a bonus. The Oracle's Blessing never goes away - once you've earned it, you'll always be able to use it. Each blessing can only be earned once, unless stated otherwise. The blessings can be earned in any order, and they will stack as you complete more challenges!

Use /tob to check which ones you have already earned!

Read on to discover the different ways to obtain The Oracle's Blessing and the steps to properly submit your completed challenges to receive your rewards!

How to Complete and Submit Oracle's Blessings:

  1. Store the required items: Gather the necessary items for each Oracle's Blessing challenge you wish to complete. Make sure to store these items in a locked chest using the /lock command to protect them from theft.

  2. Open a ticket on Discord: Once you have collected all the required items for a specific challenge, open a ticket on our Discord server. This is where you will submit the completed challenge for review.

  3. Share the private coordinates: In the Discord ticket, provide the private coordinates of the locked chest containing the required items. This will allow our staff to verify that you have indeed met all the requirements for the Oracle's Blessing.

  4. Wait for staff verification: Our staff will visit the provided coordinates, inspect the chest and its contents, and confirm that you have successfully completed the challenge.

  5. Receive your reward: After your submission has been verified, you'll be granted the Oracle's Blessing reward, which includes a 10% increase in /sell hand earnings.

Browse the following pages to learn about the different ways to obtain The Oracle's Blessing. Remember to keep the locked chest's coordinates private and share them only in the Discord ticket to ensure the security of your items. Good luck on your journey, and may the Oracle's favor be with you! 💫🔮

Items submitted will be taken after you have completed the challenge!!!

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