Bug and Exploit Reward System


We highly encourage our players to report any bugs, exploits, or game-breaking mechanics they encounter while playing. This includes duplication glitches, excessive money-making strategies, and other exploitable game mechanics. Reporting these helps us maintain the server's economic balance and overall integrity, improving gameplay for everyone.

If you're unsure whether a particular method of money-making is excessively profitable or game-breaking, please don't hesitate to ask an admin.

How to Report a Bug or Game-Breaking Mechanic

  1. Navigate to our [Private Support Tickets] channel in Discord.

  2. Provide a clear description of the bug or game-breaking mechanic. What is it, and what does it affect?

  3. Detail the steps to reproduce the bug or mechanic. This will help us identify and fix the issue more quickly.

  4. If possible, include screenshots or videos.

How to Report an Exploit

Due to the potentially harmful nature of exploits, these should be reported directly to a server administrator or owner. You can contact an admin through [Private Support Tickets].


We offer rewards for players who report bugs, exploits, or game-breaking mechanics. These can range from in-game currency, unique items, or a special "bug finder" badge visible on your in-game profile.

Remember, exploiting bugs or game-breaking mechanics for personal gain instead of reporting them is against our server rules and may lead to penalties, including disruptions to our server economy.

Response and Follow-Up

We ensure that all reports are addressed promptly. We'll keep you updated about the status of the issues you've reported.


Each month, we'll highlight and thank players who've significantly contributed to finding bugs, exploits, or game-breaking mechanics. We value your efforts and appreciate your help in making our server better.

Fairness and Integrity

We treat all reports with fairness. Every report, big or small, is valuable for improving our server.

Thank you for helping us keep our Minecraft server enjoyable, fair, and bug-free!

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