Buddy Bonus

What is BuddyBonus?

BuddyBonus allows you to team up with a friend - your "Buddy" - and earn extra in-game currency just by playing together! The longer you stay paired up with your Buddy, the more you earn. It's a fantastic way to boost your earnings while enjoying Theatria's adventures with a friend. 🤝✨

How Does It Work?

Pair Up: Use /buddy add <name> to send a buddy request. Accept incoming requests with /buddy accept.

Stay Close: Make sure you and your Buddy are within 250 blocks of each other to activate the bonuses.

Earn More: Every 10 minutes you spend with your Buddy, your earnings multiplier increases, up to 5x! 10 mins together = 2x multiplier 20 mins together = 3x multiplier And so on, up to 5x!

Check Status: Use /buddy to see your current Buddy and /buddy notify to toggle reward notifications.

Buddy Bonuses start at 100 denarii per minute, increasing as you continue playing together. Remember, these bonuses last until you log out or remove your Buddy with /buddy remove.

player commands:

  • /buddy add <name> - send a buddy request to someone

  • /buddy accept - accepts incoming request

  • /buddy remove - remove your buddy

  • /buddy notify - toggle notifications for rewards.

  • /buddy - check if you have a buddy and if so, who it is.


  • players are not afk

  • players are within 250 blocks of each other

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