Hacks / Mods rule in depth

Here is a list of mods that are 100% NOT allowed:

  • movement hacks

  • x-ray

  • crash exploits

  • killaura

  • fullbright

  • combat hacks

  • bots

  • macros that enable you to be afk and do things

  • and more, just don't hack.

Here is a list of possible punishments:

  • monetary fine

  • temp ban

  • perma ban

  • loss of rank(s)

Allowed mods:

  • inventory mods

  • autoclickers (must be able to pass afk checks)

  • litematica

  • autofishing (must be able to pass afk checks)

Autofishing and autoclickers are allowed, HOWEVER you must always be able to pass an afk check.

If you are afk when an afk check happens your account WILL GET WIPED (balance removed, ranks removed). DO NOT STEP AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER WHEN YOU HAVE THESE THINGS ON.

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