Cost: $10,000,000 denarii

Elevate your divine prowess to an even more supreme level with the Olympian rank. Building upon the foundations of the God rank, the Olympian status grants you access to powers and privileges that even the gods would envy. Here's what you get:

Apply for this rank on our discord under #olympian-application

🔹 Keep Exp:

  • Ascend beyond mortal limitations. Your experience is sacred and remains with you, even in death.

🔹 Additional Power:

  • Get 1 Ancient Power activation that can be applied to a Titan Pick, giving the pick unlimited charge!

🔹 Locks Increased to 325!

🔹 Homes increased to 35!

🔹 Earns a TOB - see Olympian Valor

🔹 Immune to suffocation and drowning:

  • Retain your invulnerability to suffocation.

  • Take no damage from drowning! Want to live underwater? Never want to come back to the surface? The choice is yours!

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