Cost: $15,000,000 denarii

Amplify your mighty force to an unimaginable scale with the Titan rank. Building upon the raw strength and ancient wisdom, the Titan status provides you with powers and privileges that even the ancient Titans would regard with awe. Here's what you get:

Apply for this rank on our discord under #titan-application

🔹 Additional Power:

  • Get 1 Ancient Power activation that can be applied to a Titan Pick, giving the pick unlimited charge!

🔹 Locks Increased to 350!

🔹 Homes increased to 40!

🔹 Earns a TOB - see Titan Legacy

🔹 Immune to suffocation, drowning and fire:

  • Retain your invulnerability to suffocation and drowning.

  • Your divine status prevents you from burning!

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