Shrine Quests

This guide will provide you with comprehensive information about how these quests function.

What are Shrine Quests?

Shrine Quests are daily tasks that consist of two distinct segments. The first part involves an action, such as mining, fishing, or chopping wood. The second part requires returning a resource obtained from the first action to the Oracle's shrine.

Initiating a Shrine Quest

As a player, you're automatically enrolled in the Shrine Quests upon logging in. Progress notifications will promptly appear on the lower left corner of your screen. These notifications often come in the form of a green message that indicates the remaining tasks, for example, "x blocks left to break".

Monitoring Your Quest Progress

You can monitor your ongoing quest progress at any time by employing the /shrine command. This command will open a GUI displaying the two components of your current quest. The first part illustrates the action you're required to perform, and the second part lists the item(s) you're required to bring to the Oracle's shrine.

Completing a Shrine Quest

To successfully complete a Shrine Quest, you need to execute the action portion of the quest first. After accomplishing that, you must bring the necessary item(s) to the Oracle's shrine to conclude the second part of the quest. Please note that the shrine will accept the items only after you've fulfilled the action part of the quest.

Resetting Shrine Quests

Your Shrine Quest progress resets every day in the early morning, allowing you to undertake these quests afresh.


Upon completion of both segments of a Shrine Quest— the action and shrine portions—you'll be rewarded!

Embark on these exciting quests, Theatrians! May your journey be filled with wisdom and prosperity.

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